3rd goal famines the vision of seeing itself reaching thousands to millions of success hungry individuals, especially grade-schoolers, to give them a better chance at a better life through field studies related to STEM + Art = STEAM. With our educational strategies and resources available, we are extremely confident that each and every one of our intended goals can be accomplished without a doubt. We have a strong belief, during times of innovation, that the mind and the body should be in tune with each other and, by encouraging and adding sports to the STEAM acronym - which then becomes STEAMS - we are more than confident that we can accomplish this better mind and body connection within our recipients.

Our volunteering educational assistance to the girls, women, boys and men, by way of STEAM and STEAMS awareness, really allows us to crusade our movement of gender equality and women empowerment. As we continue to influence the Woodbridge, Va area, in this regard, we will persistently work to expand our programs to other nearby cities; carry the movement on to other states and eventually move onwards to successfully cover the entire United States.

Please, join us in the fun of learning, producing positive results and helping to educate and enrich our local Woodbridge, Virginia community.