Deanne Canieso

VIRGINIA LAWRENCE - My name is Virginia Louise Lawrence. I am in the process of shifting from 16 years of employment in Healthcare as a C.N.A. I have been making a change in my life; which includes completing an MBA degree from Stratford University (8/2015). My Bachelor of Fine Arts, is from Radford University - Graphic Arts (12/1984). I am the founder of 3rd Goal: Gender Equality and Empowering Women, Inc. I have been volunteering for over 20 years with non-profit organizations which has helped me learn and produce positive results; providing me with invaluable information and experiences. I have been volunteering my time and industries, since January 2008, by remote access, assisting Individuals, NPO's, NGO’s, and FPO's achieve some of their goals technologically; not all but some. I hope to continue to assist people as the experience has been enriching socially, emotionally, and developmentally rewarding. I am an education advocate.

Virginia Lawrence

CHERYL ABRAM - Cheryl Abram works at the Office of Personnel Management as a Learning and Development Specialist. Her core duties involve writing and interpreting government-wide training and development regulations. She has authored and co-authored Government-wide policy and guidance related to leadership development programs, training, and enterprise-wide change initiatives. Cheryl holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America, a Masters Degree in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management and certificates in program evaluation, and instructional design. She is an Army Veteran, author, blogger, and, in her spare time, volunteers as a grant reviewer for Washington DC funding agencies, United Way and the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

ALAZAR AKLILU - Alazar Aklilu, a prospective Business student, is currently involved with the3rdgoal and Titan Pool Service Inc. As having created a grant directory and a newly added Board Member to 3rd Goal, he brings various assets to the table. He hopes to one day become a Marketing Director after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia while also gaining valuable years of experience in many fields outside of school early on. Alazar enjoys helping his community by finding resourceful outlets in which he can participate to make a change. Additionally, he has background knowledge in programming as he’s fairly proficient in HTML, JavaScript, and Java. Overall, his interests and main initiatives for the future are Business Management and Youth & Social Innovation.