Over the last few years, it has been an honor to participate in the many prestigious volunteering organizations that has allow us to put our hearts to work. The amount of efforts applied to the various causes, in which participated, has been plentiful, as our drive to change the state of the countless struggling and puzzling economic and social issues has not only stemmed from our passion, but has been fueled by the support and encouragement exhibited by these following non-profit organizations. We do, willingly, pride in our endearing volunteering efforts and will certainly continue to dedicate to these organizations’ causes and will continue to bring our valued support in order to collectively reach goals and grow together, while continuing to appreciate the everlasting collaborating support offered by these organizations:

International Professors Project

Students of Medicine

Next Step Foundation

Henson Arts In Learning

International Child Art Foundation

HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh


Solidarity for Rural Development Organization

So Divine Dance

Ren Group Donations

  • Ren Group is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity; EIN: 26-0031626
  • PO Box 65531
  • Va. Beach, VA 23467-5531