Our 2010, 2011, and 2012 3rd Goal Milestones
• Starting in 2010 we periodically over the next few years donated to the Bill Mehr Center; Prince William County's Winter Shelter. Giving food items purchased from our local Costco, for the shelter's homeless population.
• In 2011 we successfully set up a Moodle website for a pending Uganda NPO under the name of Solidarity Farmers Association. Over time they have restructured and are now know as Solidarity for Rural Development Organization. This non governmental organization is headed by Father David Okullu.
• During 2012 I started writing the IRS requirements for form 1023. Completed said requirements by June 2012 in which they were mailed off.

Our 2013 Milestones
• Incorporated on May 2013
• Awarded our 501(c)(3) status on August 7, 2013
• Began to introduce ourselves to the general public through Stratford University vending events
• Started working with Bochika.org to assist them with their projects by putting a working Moodle 2.4.1 website up online so that they might learn more concerning how to operate it as a distance education web portal.
• Began meeting and reaching out to other members of our Woodbridge local non-profit and for-profit community.

Our 2014 Milestones
• Joined the Prince William Chamber of Commerce in March 2014.
• May 17, 2014 we hosted our first vending event at Tall Oaks Community Center; where we donated the proceeds to CComCares: Bill Mehr Center; Prince William County's Winter Shelter for the Homeless.
• Our Moodle 2.7 web portal began to be hosted by Scot Benkovic of MiddPennComputers.com.
• Participated with Henson Arts In Learning, a D.C. Public Charity, on occasion, by helping their students as they created their own resume and cover letter.
• Participated in a NOVA Community College vendors event on October 28, 2014.
• A few of our members participated with Leadership Prince William; during November and December 2014, at Beville Middle School. Where we each presented a slideshow, on one occasion, demonstrating our career interests.

Our 2015 Milestones
• Participating with Prince William Chamber of Commerce during 2015 - 2016.
• Partnered with Ebenezer Baptist Church in May of 2015.
• During May we started finding tutors for elementary, middle, and high school age children for an after school program where there is a concentration on subjects such as Math, Reading, Spanish, or other SAT and SOL related subjects.

Our 2016 Milestones
• Throughout the school calendar year for 2016 ~ 3rd Goal attempted to assist our partner church when possible with their needs for tutors and their services.

Our 2017 Milestones
• It's at mid point during the school year and 3rd Goal has found new tutors for our partner Ebenezer Baptist Church. We are grateful to them as they are the life-blood of our organization.
• Also, 3rd Goal is quite pleased to have received a generous donation from someone through their work at Macy's East, in California. We are eternally grateful for this donation!
• I recently joined a local branch chapter of the AAUW ~ American Association of University Women. They have an interest in seeing that girls and or women have equal access to STEM or STEAM field studies similar to our mission.